An Aries, Tess is self-involved, impatient, moody and impulsive but also generous and devoted. Startlingly beautiful to the point where it has almost crippled her, she is the only child of a successful attorney and his vain wife. She is a hopeless romantic and KNOWS she's found her soulmate in Reed.

Favorite pastime: Reed Bradley Ian Saddington

Favorite sport: Reed

Favorite color: Reeds turquoise eyes

Favorite food: Reeds lips

Favorite scent:.......need we go on?

Turnoffs: rivals, blondes with plastic surgery, London, the fear of having children, and  "striving for perfection"

The Entitled Series



A Leo, Reed is domineering, vain, pretentious and confident. Also generous and loyal, an identical twin, born into very old money. Entitled and extremely handsome and knows how to use both.

He is an heir to the considerable Saddington fortune but money means nothing without his soulmate..             

Favorite pastime: Tess Rose Gallagher.

Favorite sport: Tess

Favorite color: Tess' sapphire eyes

Favorite food: Tess' lips

Favorite scent: .....can you guess?

Turnoffs: the word "No," blondes, blondes with plastic surgery, Tess' mother.



Reeds brother aka, the "good twin." He adores Reed and is Tess' close friend. Very much like his brother but plays it closer to the vest. He enjoys power and is a control freak by nature. He spends much of his time trying to play coach, advisor, referee and unwitting secret keeper to the Reed/Tess drama.

Favorite pastime: a challenge

Favorite sport: football

Favorite color: green

Favorite food: anything the chef will whip up at 3 a.m.

Favorite scent: redheads

Turnoffs: the word "No," (hey, they're twins), commitment of any kind, keeping other people's secrets, bad room service

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A Scorpio, Brance is manipulative and suspicious but also loyal, resourceful, dynamic and did we mention gay? Son of a rich Colombian drug lord and Tess' best friend, confidant and partner in crime. He is darkly attractive in a slightly sinister way which masks a flamboyant and warm heart. Singly devoted to Tess, their friendship is rivaled only by her obsessive bond with Reed.

Favorite pastime: shopping, decorating and organizing Tess' life

Favorite sport.....are you going make me say it?

Favorite color: chrome

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite scent: Clive Christian original Collection X

Turnoffs: Anyone disloyal or cruel, Reed's entitled side.